Charging up!

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Some of our oldtimers are planning to come back when the expansion hits and once again make us a great raiding guild!

(Kanami, Flintlocke and Avionics among others..)

They´re setting up a nice new homepage over here, so for now this will be the last post at this spot.


See you in Northrend 🙂


The Artists formerly known as The Legacy!

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The guild is now back as a social one, no scheduled ingame events or requirements. To learn more, join our forums!

Rest In Peace … or?

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The Legacy hasnt been able to do any 25-man raids for several weeks, and because of that we have merged with Verve. The new forums can be found here.

So is the Legacy gone forever? Who knows? Dob has one of his tiny Gnomeparts as GM and who knows what they might cook? Check in for more details in a few weeks.. 😉

Welcome back Mangohunter!

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Mangohunter is back among the officers, and for old and new alike it might be nice to know our responsibilities:

Skruffe- tanking

Ryanthered – dps

Joe – healing

Mangohunter – dkp and kara group balancing

Bifur – Forum, Homepage and RM admin. (and GM)

We are currently focusing on getting our dkp system up and running as fast as possible, so I´m afraid the Kara groups won´t be fixed for this weekend, and because of that there wont be any kara signing, but there still will be raids if ppl show up (like last weekend 🙂 )

Gruul bites the dust!

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After 2 attempts on Wednesday were we did really well and Gruul bugevaded, we went back yesterday and oneshotted him. He is not by any means on farm yet, but this is nonetheless a huge step forward. Monday we will step into the Eye for the first time ever. A big step forward for the Legacy! Congratulations 😀

Killshot here

Back in business!

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After some  summer-slacking during the last few weeks, we seem to be back in business. High King Maulgar went down yesterday and we had a short but very good Kara run after that lead by our new raidleader Motig 🙂

 We are cleaning up the non-raiders from the guild within the next week or so, which will probably lead to a few free spots. If you got any friends (or maybe yourself dear reader) that wants in then the end of next week will be an excellent time to apply 🙂

Gruul at 4%

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At our first evening of serious attempts at Gruul we got him down to 4%. A new raid has been setup for monday where we will hopefully pwn the one-eyed meanie.

Just like last week we will keep doing Gruul wednesday and thursday for an hour or so before heading off to Karazhan.

 All the above raids have been added to the Raidmanager, and are there waiting for you to sign 🙂