Maulgar is down!

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After a few attempts last night we suddenly got the pull right and got into the flow. Not a single death till we only had the king himself left and that too went smooth. First attempt at Gruul had him down to 71% and second around 60% and tonight we´ll hit him again 🙂

 Excellent work everyone 😀

Havent figured out picture editing yet, but the killshot can be found here.

 Also Ninniach has emerged from the shadows as an excellent advisor to the rank of raidleader!


Moving on!

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Our Hong group cleared Kara last week, and we are now moving a big step forward. 25-man instances here we come 😀

We might not have what it takes to clear Gruul’s lair yet but practice will only make us stronger!

The Gruul attempts will last till the first respawn and after that we move on to Karazhan. Those that sign up and are inside the instance before 7.45 pm will get prio on joining Kara after. See you all there 🙂

More info on how you sign up can be found here.

Two more promotions!

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Ryanthered (less famous brother of Gandalfthegrey) has returned as MageCL, and after proving himself worthy through hard work in Karazhan Warakisaka has been granted full membership!

Hooray for both of them 🙂

Welcome Epixhunter

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Epixhunter, a feral druid, became full member yesterday. Congratulations and a warm welcome! His knowledge and hard work have already helped us a lot in Karazan.

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Welcome to our new homepage folks 😀

Everything so far is done by using free-hosted tools, so it can be continued even if all officers are changed. IE no more swapping of forums, homepage etc. Still a lot of work to be done, but it will come little by litte.

Things we are planning currently are:

Raidmanager for 25-mans

Possibly a simpler way of signing for 10-mans

A direct link to the inventory of the guildbank

Hello The Legacy!

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First post on our new forums! Yay!